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Sex Worker (Ashewo), Customer Exchange Blows Over N500 In Onitsha

A customer to a sex worker last Thursday received blows he never expected from a woman allegedly for not paying the N3,000 he agreed with the sex worker.

The incident happened on one of the brothels along Old Market Road Onitsha at about 9 pm. It was gathered that after their short-time sexual intercourse, the customer paid N2,500 insisting on not paying the balance of N500. He argued that short time had to last for an hour and not just for a round of sex.

In the process, a heated ar­gument ensued between them resulting in exchange of blows and the customer’s face heavily defaced by the sex worker. Even after they were separated by the brothel management, the sex worker boasted to the customer that she was a world class boxer.

His shirt was torn to pieces and he shamefacedly went to a nearby shop where he procured another shirt. Asked what happened to his face and shirt he said, “government should arrest sex workers and shut brothels for corrupting innocent people who come to a place like this for sexual satisfaction.

I went to satisfy myself sexually because my wife travelled and a woman who is not up to my wife’s standard boxed me and tore my shirt; if not that this place is brothel, I would have brought her (his wife) here when she comes back, to beat up this idiot”

Further questions to him were not answered as he left in anguish promising not to go there again to patronise the management.