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Pastor Sunday Adelaja Now On Drugs, Passport Seized As Lawsuit Continues

It is disheartening for one to get to the apogee of his ministerial calling, then out of the blue something happens and he sees himself back to square one, that’s the case of Pastor Sunday Adelaja, erstwhile senior Pastor of The Embassy of God Church in Kiev, Ukraine.  The fall of the Nigerian charismatic preacher and prolific author is still a huge shock to me.

A man who used to be a global voice in the Christendom, who had met several world leaders and won numerous awards like the Archbishop Benson Idahosa Prize for Missionary Exploits which was presented to him in recognition of his missionary exploits and social engagement in Kiev, Ukraine and around the world. 

Pastor Sunday Adelaja was honoured to open the U.S. Senate in prayer on April 23, 2007 just after he became an Honourable Member of the EuroAsian International Chamber of Commerce. He was also honoured to speak twice at the United Nations on August 23, 2007. In his late thirties, Adelaja’s Embassy of God Church in Kiev, Ukraine became Europe’s largest church with close to 30,000 members and had branches spread across the Nation of Ukraine and some other countries.

The fall of pastor Sunday Adelaja is connected to the multiple sexual accusations on his head where over 30 women have accused him of having an extra marital affairs with them. Adelaja, admitted that he sexually abused the women in an audio clip which is on the internet where an undercover journalist who posed as a prophet called him from the UK. Adelaja was heard saying “Amen, Glory to God” when the undercover journalist told him that the incriminating explicit photos will disappear and he would be exonerated. In one of his videos he stated that sexual sin alone cannot take one to hell fire

A letter obtained by DiasporaReporters from Pastor Sunday Adelaja’s former spiritual father and mentor, Apostle Tuff Ulysses who is based in the US indicates that both of them have parted ways after the man got wind of his protégé’s sexual shenanigans. He wrote him a letter officially withdrawing from him.

Below are summary of the letter which Pastor Sunday Adelaja former mentor wrote him;

-You have defiled the sanctity of marriage with your immoral behaviour.

 -A pastor is supposed to be one of sexual purity but you cannot say this about yourself.

- You committed incest with your spiritual children.

- You covet your neighbour's wives.

- Deception for months. Although you called me and told that you wanted me to know, you were still committing unholy acts.

- Lying- numerous distortions to me.

- Pride instead of a spiritual humility.

- Hypocrisy

The Embassy of God Church, reputed to be Europe’s largest church with 30,000 members is now living in her past glory as thousands of members have left the church due to Pastor Sunday Adelaja’s immoral act and also the $100 million law suit against him where some members of the church accused him of defrauding them by asking them to invest in a Ponzi Scheme “Kings Capital” which later collapsed.

According to investigations by DiasporaReporters, Pastor Sunday Adelaja has been kicked out of the church hierarchy, his name is no longer among the names of the church executive. To make matter worse for him, the Ukrainian authority have placed him on travel ban since last year and his international passport seized from him to stop him from fleeing the country. Recent reports has it that one of the young ladies who accused him of having affairs with her later committed suicide and died.

Information obtained from somebody who is very close to him says that Pastor Sunday Adelaja is now on drugs due to his mental challenges orchestrated by the myriads of problems that has engulfed him. He is presently at the crossroads of life looking at where he was before and where he is now. I believe that God must have warned Pastor Sunday Adelaja before his sudden fall but he never heeded to the admonition because of pride and arrogance. Pastor Adelaja is full of himself as if he alone has the monopoly of spiritual knowledge. His over 25 years of ministerial exploits in far away Ukraine is now in ruins, he has completely lost it and that’s why he is trying hard to bring down other men of God mostly in Nigeria.

His recent Facebook live stream collaboration with a Nigerian adulterous "On Air Personality" Daddy Freeze shows that he had digressed into the lowest ebb of spiritual sensitivity. He has rubbished and made mockery of notable men of God in Nigeria like Pastor E.A. Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Prophet T.B Joshua, Apostle Johnson Suleman, Dr Paul Enenche, etc.

Recently, he told his protégé, Mayowa Olaiya, a Nigerian lady who relocated from the UK to be living in his house in Ukraine to start a petition and mobilise people to sign the petition that will be forwarded to the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May urging her to ban a Nigeria preacher, Rev Funke Adejumo from entering the UK.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja and Mayowa are accusing the woman of God of defrauding people by asking them to sow a seed ranging from $500 to $1000 as the case may be. This is the same Pastor Sunday Adelaja who in the time past has called out people to sow a seed. I have a video where he said he needed $20,000 to put screen TV in his church and people were trouping out and a young student came out and sowed a seed of $1000. More also, Adelaja also stated it that his honorarium is between $5000 to $15000, so why then are they cruxifying Rev Funke Adejumo.

The petition has caused some mixed feelings and some group have countered her petition with their own petition.

Written by Obiwest Utchaychukwu 
Europe based journalist and ardent defender of the body of Christ