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28yr Old Woman, Temilade Oyeyemi Sues Her Husband, Ayo Oyeyemi To Court For Dumping Her To Sleep With His Aunt In #Ibadan

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An Oke-Ogbere Customary Court in Ibadan on Thursday dissolved a three-year-old marriage between one Temilade Oyeyemi and her husband, Ayo Oyeyemi , over deception and adultery.

Temilade, 28, narrating her ordeal, told the court that her husband deceived her by presenting his concubine to her as his aunt.
“After I had pledged my future in marriage with Ayo three years ago, he completely deceived me that his concubine was his aunt.

“During the wedding, he introduced the same woman to my family as the only person that could stand in place of his late mother; and my family, unknowingly, accepted his deception.
“Ayo then took me to his mistress’s apartment to live,’’ she said.

Temilade said that the lady gave her all that she needed and she was happy living with the two secret lovers.

“I noticed that at around 1 a.m. on most days, Ayo would leave my side on our matrimonial bed. “He would move to the floor where his secret lover he referred to as his aunt was sleeping to romance and have sex with her.

“He often would blame the hot weather for his usually reason for leaving my side to sleep on the floor. “It then became clear to me that Ayo and that lady were never related but that they were, in fact, secret lovers.’’

Temilade said that when she was pregnant, Ayo never took care of her but he abandoned his responsibilities to his parents-in-law.
“Ayo is not trustworthy, he is a wicked man,’’ dissolve our union Temilade said.

The respondent, Ayo, 38, conceded to the dissolution of the marriage after he had denied some of the allegations leveled against him by Temilade.
The husband Ayo, who claimed to be a building engineer, contended that his wife was a good-for-nothing and lazy woman.

Ruling, the court’s president, Mr Sulaiman Olaniyi, said, “In the interest of peaceful living, the union between Temilade and Ayo has ceased to be.