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20 Possible Reasons Why Men Cheat In A Relationship - A must Read For Ladies !

Over the years I have heard a lot of people ask why you do men cheat. I have also asked my self same question over and over again and wondered why too.

This motivated me to carefully observe and make findings to the possible reasons why men cheat and I came up with something..

Please note! I'm not trying justifying cheating as this post is without bias. I'm only pointing out what I believe are possible reasons to why men do cheat.

Because I will try not to make this post bulky, I will only highlight the possible reasons if there's any that needs clarification or more info I will gladly do justice to it..

Also, I hope that after reading this, a lot of ladies will change their mindset concerning men and learn to understand and as well pray for the person in question as you cannot change any man..
I'm also believing that, someone will discover his faults and work on them..

Lemme say this...
Doing good is not easy, it only takes grace and serious discipline to do so..

I will start by saying some men don't cheat because they actually enjoy cheating or because they want to cheat but simply because they're men..

While others do for so many funny reasons..
The possible reasons why men cheat are as follows...

1. Lack of discipline and self control... A lot of men fall are in this group..

2. Poor orientation, up bringing, culture, believe, mind set.. As some men believe they have the right to as many women as they want..

3. The anatomy of men and sexuality - men are ever ready for sex, no much motivation is need. So when they don't get satisfaction or when they don't get it at all from their partner they tend to look for it elsewhere. This is one reason people say men like sex alot.. It's not because we want to but it's just how we are designed..

4. Lack of vision.

5. Some men don't know what they want.

6. Some men are carried away by beauty so they run after any beautiful lady.

7. Not every man can handle distance in a relationship so the moment their partner is far from them the loneliness drives them to the arms of another woman..

8. Some men cheat because they believe that's what make them happening guys in town..

9. For some, cheating has turned into a habit.

10. Some men cheat because of their past experience with ladies probably because of cheating, or the lady didn't just love them and treated them like "mugu." So, they just can't trust women and cheating is the way of feeling secured for them.

11. For some, they have a payback agenda- off course, innocent ladies end up suffering.

12. Wrong Friends and peer pressure

13. Some men are just irresponsible .

14. Early exposure to sex and high libido..

15. Lack of love and commitment for their partner.

16. What do you expect from a man who doesn't have God in his life? For this this is very key.. Some above reasons can be taken care of if this were to be in place..
So, if you find yourself in any of the category, I believe you can work on yourself and pray for help..

Ladies please, try and understand the man you are with, find out why he cheated pray for him, it could be any of the above reasons . Some men don't feel happy doing so but they just can't help it.

To wrap it all up, always pray for your man not to cheat because no man can do good on his own unless God enables him. If because you're able to keep yourself and you expect everyone to be like you it's a white lie..

You are able to gain mastery over that aspect of your life doesn't mean everybody should be like you.

For those who don't have anyone yet, watch and pray that you meet someone who will actually chose not to cheat on you...

Please feel free to share your view and feel free to criticize the write up..
God bless you