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Nigerian Man Give Reason Why Some Girls Are So Demanding *

A Nigerian man has taken to his twitter account to share his thoughts on a ‘much talked about topic’..

The man, with the handle @jajaphd tweeted some reasons why girls were so dependent on their boyfriends for finances.

He tweeted:

There’s chronic poverty in the land and many families (subtly) encourage their daughters to get into relationships so that the financial responsibilities for her (and maybe the family) can be shifted to her partner.

That’s one of the reasons why some girls are so demanding.

Then there’s also greed. 

Some girls are demanding simply because they are not satisfied with what they earn, own or are given by their family.

There’s also entitlement.

Some women are socialised to believe that they deserve to be taken care of by their (male) partners just because they are women. Some go farther to believe that they are entitled to stuff because they have sex with their man.

In addition, some men woo ladies by ostentatious display of wealth.

When you buy your way into the heart of a woman, you have to be ready to keep paying rent.