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There Are Other Issues Outside Of Senator Dino's Arrest That The IGP Has To Brief Us On- Akpabio

During today's plenary, the Senate has come to a conclusion that the president of the Federal republic should have a joint session with both levels of houses to address the issue of security in the country.

Newshelm Nigeria has it that the IGP of police was absent from the Senate as demanded by the Senate that he appeared before them for some basic discussions.

Sen. Bala Na'allah drew the attention of the Senate that the IGP is out of town in Bauchi with Mr. President. “That being said, the legacy in this Institution goes a long way into the future & as such, it is wrong that he did not inform us of his inability to be here today.”

”I see no reason why the IGP cannot be here as this displays a wrong foundation for our Democratic system."- Senator Bala Na’allah said.

"By Wednesday, the IGP must appear before the Senate."- Senator Mao Ohuabunwa concluded

“This is not a military regime, this is a democracy. We do not treat each arm of Government as independent as we should in a democracy. This is why we are where we are today."- Senator Emmanuel Bwacha noted.

"The IGP should brief us in a joint session. There are other issues outside of Senator Dino's arrest that the IGP has to brief us on as well."- Senator Godswill Akpabio