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Army Must Be Penalized For The Death Of The 11 Private soldiers

Yesterday news made round about the mass burial of the 11 Privates laid to rest in Kaduna by the Nigerian Army. These gallant soldiers were killed during the exercise AYEM AKPATUMA along Birin Gwari-Funtua road on the 20th of this month...

It baffles me why all those who lost their lives were all Privates (those who are still new to the system). My heart bleeds, cos these boys are as young as someone still seeking admission into the higher institution.

Nigerian Army should take part of the blame of this death. How can they put all of them (privates) who has not garner any experience apart from their training at Army depot. From what i learnt from my friend in the Nigerian Army, i was told they were all 2017 intakes who have not even gone home to show their parent the uniform.

Even if its a war , for a nation to lost 11 soldiers is a disaster. Tell me what will warrant d killing of 11soldiers when we are not at war. Yet the government is not bothered. We are heading for serious disaster if this government wil not wakeup to its call.

I believe Army like other professions, young intakes like this are pupil are still learning on the job under a senior officer. Army Authority should please query someone for this error to prevent such from repeating.

This is where Buhari should be yesterday and not at the bus terminal in Lagos.

May God Almighty comfort their parents.

Below are the names of the 11 Privates:
1. Private Olabode Hammed
2. Private Bamidele Adekunke Emmanuel,
3. Private Onuchukwu Christian Chigoziri
4. Private Adamu Muhammed
5. Private Lamara Ahmed
6. Private Mubarak Suleiman,
7. Private Bashir Dani
8. Private Usman Abubakar Halo
9. Private Nafiu Iliyasu
10. Private Safiyanu Ahmed
11. Private Alhassan Ibrahim