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Nigerian Man Diagnosed With Throat Cancer, Cries Out To Nigerians For Support

This is so sad… I wonder what the man must be going through, situations like this can make you see suicide as an option, but Shareef Muhammed is still kicking and pulling through with life suffering from such a terrible disease.

A close relative told JoelsBlog, Shareef has been suffering from this ailment for months now and the only thing they can do now is pray for God’s intervention.

The ailment of Shareef took a serious turn after the symptoms of the Cancer started manifesting itself around the neck region..under his throat.

According to research, larynx cancer is common among old people, mostly 45yrs and above, Drinking Alcohol and smoking Indian hemp is one of the main causes of Larynx cancer. 

According to Research, Smoking tobacco and drinking a lot of alcohol are the main risk factors for larynx cancer in the western world. People who drink Alcohol and smoke are at a higher risk of developing larynx cancer.

There is a combined risk if a person smoke and drink a lot. It’s greater than the risk of just smoking or just drinking.

Heavy drinking and smoking is particularly linked to cancer above the vocal cords and the area around the vocal cords (the glottis).

Alcohol and cigarettes contain chemicals that increase the risk of cancer. The alcohol passes over the top of the larynx (the epiglottis) as the person swallows. When one smoke, the smoke passes through the larynx on its way to your lungs.

Its quiet understandable that Mr Shareef’s illness is as a result of smoking for a very long time, smoking and drinking alcohol is something some Northern men do daily basis in the North, its like a tradition” A source told JB correspondent.

Shareef Muhammed currently needs N700,000 for operation, he is seeking out to the general public for Help, for donation, this is his bank details – Ibrahim Abubakar Abubakar 0038022862 GTBank.