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Man Deceives Barren Wife, Impregnates Divorcee

A woman simply known as Joyce who was barren for 17 years has suffered heartbreak after she discovered that her husband, Bobo had secretly got kids from a divorcee, Chiamaka without her knowledge...

The incident happened at Nkpor town in Anambra State where Bobo hailed from, but lived with Joyce in Ejigbo, Lagos.

P.M.EXPRESS scooped that the whole secret came to the open when Chiamaka put pressure on Bobo, that she no longer wanted their affair to remain hidden and desired to take her position as the woman of the house.

It was gathered that Bobo and Joyce got married many years ago and were blessed with materially things as they had several houses both in Lagos and their home town in Nkpor. However, they were unable to bear children after trying medical and spiritual solutions. They were strong members and wedded in the Catholic Church.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that after waiting for several years, Joyce suggested that they should adopt a child that will look after them at their old age but Bobo refused insisting that they had to continue to look up unto God for the fruit of the womb.

As a result, Bobo had issues with members of his family concerning their inability to have child. The family members reportedly invited the couple and suggested that they should abduct kids but Bobo still refused.

Joyce did not know that while all these were going on, Bobo already had two children with the divorcée Chiamaka and had rented an apartment for her in their town.

However, the whole thing got exposed when Chiamaka brought three kids to the family house during the Christmas period in the presence of Joyce. She introduced herself as Bobo’s wife and presented the children to the family.

The family summoned a meeting and concluded that they had no choice than to plead with Joyce to accept Chiamaka and the children.

The bone of contention now is that Chiamaka wants Bobo to take her and the kids to Lagos and demanded that Joyce should return to the village because she had no child.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that Bobo is now in a dilemma and does not know what to do as all the properties they had in Lagos were acquired through the efforts of Joyce.