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Donald Trump Is Right, Giant Of Africa My Foot, Shithole Is Our Country - Freeze

Few days ago, US President, Donald Trump was called out for saying countries in Africa are "shitholes". Earlier, a statement was credited to him as saying once Nigerians see USA, they wont want to go back to their huts in Africa. The international community, including the UN and the AU has condemned his statement and termed him a racist.

But lets look at this issue critically. Two days ago, Femi Fani-Kayode tweeted and said Donald Trump is right to say Africans come from 'shitholes' countries and he sited the killing spree of Fulani Herdsmen as an example. He also said Nigeria is a shithole country, with a shithole president and that it is left for us to flush the poo out of the toilet. 

Today, Daddy Freeze is saying the same thing with pictures that can only be attributed to a shitty situation, hence saying that Nigeria is actually a 'shithole' country. In Daddy Freeze sarcasm, I think you can deduce what he is trying to say in the pictures and comments below