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Buhari Is Running An Unworkable Government - APC Chieftain, Bisi Akande

Prominent chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief Bisi Akande has described president Muhammadu Buhari's government as 'unworkable'.

Akande says that upbraided presidential system Buhari was running largely caused the major problems currently affecting the Nation.

The former Interim APC chairman and ex-governor of Osun state made these statements while speaking to the media at his Ila country home. He said that the president's good intentions for the country "would remain mere dreams inasmuch as the expensive and largely unaccountable presidential system of government remained in place." 

He said that with the current system, Buhari will remain helpless and continue to run an 'Unworkable government'.

He, however, disclosed that he has advised president Buhari on how to tackle the Fulani Herdsmen issue, saying that the police needed to be decentralized.