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ZIMBABWE Coup d'etat : Tanks Head For Harare As Mugabe's Row With Army Chief Fuels Coup Rumors

There's been rumour of Coup d'etat about to happen in Zimbabwe, as four tanks were spotted heading towards Zimbabwe’s capital Harare on Tuesday afternoon following a heated row between President Robert Mugabe and the head of the armed forces.

Robert Mugabe was reportedly given 24 hours to vacate office after sacking the country's Vice President, who is a former military operative according to sources in Zimbabwe.

Witnesses who spoke to Reuters said tanks were heading for Harare, while two other tanks were seen parked on the road from Harare to Chinhoyi, some 14 miles outside the capital. Soldiers at the scene allegedly refused to speak to Reuters.

“The current purging which is clearly targeting members of the party with a liberation background must stop forthwith,” said General Constantino Chiwenga at a news conference Monday at the army headquarters in Harare.

“We must remind those behind the current treacherous shenanigans that when it comes to matters of protecting our revolution, the military will not hesitate to step in.”