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'Some Of Us Are Destined To Fail In Marriage' - Actor Yomi Fabiyi Says

Actor Yomi Fabiyi, who is divorced from his British wife, shared his thoughts on his marriage on Instagram this morning. According to him, some people are destined to fail in marriage. Read his post below

MARRIAGE is an institution that must be built on a SOLID FOUNDATION; CASTED with several conducts and attitudinal traits before marriage. Marriage is never a bed of roses, it has many ups and downs which needs strength of character to sustain.

Often times I hear some females opine that it is efficacy they get loose sexually and experience it to the apogee and will round up and turn a new leaf the moment they are getting married. These they assume they can do this until it is crystal clear the wedding is taking place. Some console themselves they rather go on escapades as single as avoidance of such fantasies as a spinster will mean the lady will cheat as a married woman, TOTAL LIES, no sense in the codswallop.

The honest truth is this, what you are ADDICTED to becomes part of you for a long time. I stand to be corrected, there are some traits that one must not get neck deep into at ones formative years, it will be hard to adjust from them even if one becomes an SU in marriage.
To really enjoy any marriage, especially in a world where the fundamentals of home training to prepare a girl or boy for the core of matrimony has long been jetissioned, one must take it upon him or herself to engage in some self discipline to create a sexually abstract and physical DNA that can stand the test of time in marriage. You cannot eat your cake and still have it.

Some of us are package destined to fail in marriage. If we ever last in any marriage, it may be perhaps because we are hoodwinked with someone who keeps us as an evidence of social responsibility, sexual satisfaction, and continuation of the human race only. Some men know their woman cannot be tamed but are not ready to be bothered with what their vows, ring or cert cant change anylonger. They just look away.

IF YOU DONT DISCIPLINE YOURSELF IN SOME ADVANCES NOW, CHANCES ARE YOU MAY FIND IT HARD TO IN MARRIAGE EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE BINOCULARS ON YOU. Be wary of what you get addicted to. Ask yourself now, WHAT VALUES ARE YOU UPHOLDING PENULTIMATE A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP or YOUR EVENTUAL MARRIAGE? If NON, avoid getting married or just dont invest too much in your marriage, it is most likely to....... Yomi Fabiyi.