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See The Nigerian Man Whose Watch, Cloths And House Are All Green, White, Green

A Nigerian man, Abdullahi Yusuf, has recounted his experience with a patriotic citizen, Arhyel Dibal, who loves the country so much that even his clothes, wristwatch and his house all bare the Nigerian flag colors; green, white, green. Read what Abdullahi Yusuf shared online.

His name is Arhyel Dibal, a native of Wandali Village in Kwaya Kusar local government area of Borno state, though he is a resident of Biu town. He is a Lab Technologist by profession, and married with four children two of which are graduates.

Last week I went to meet this patriotic Nigerian and from his cloths, shoes and his wristwatch, cap they are all green white green in colour. Not only that his office is a symbol of the kind of love he has for this great nation as he rightly described our country. He told me that even though, he knows that President Muhammadu Buhari loves Nigeria, but he think he loves Nigeria more than the president himself. 

I asked him, how he started this His green white green revolution, and he said for the past thirty years he has never buy any cloths that is not green white green in color. He said the only time he wears clothes that has different colors, is when The Emir of Biu gave him some royal clothing as a gift. I thought its only his clothing that is green white green, until he showed me the pictures of his house which to my amazement is also painted green white green. I seek his permission to visit his house because I visited him in his office, and he gladly directed me to the house.

The house was beautifully designed and painted in green white green with Nigeria map designed at strategic points. Even the tiles on the floor is green white green in color. I met the wife, who told me that it's because she was working in the farm that day if not she too always wears the green white green. She told me I was a bit late if not I would have met her daughter who was also dressed in green white green. She told me that even though their house is not on the main road, but hardly will a day passes without them having visitors who always came to see the house. His car and that of the wife are also painted green white green.

I returned and met him in his office, and I ask him why he is so passionate about Nigeria, and he said, he is where he is today because of Nigeria. He told me that he was opportune to be trained abroad, and he also visited many countries across the world courtesy of Nigeria. He said while he was in school abroad. some nationals of other countries use to ask him some silly questions about Nigeria.

He said its only in Nigeria that people don't show much love to their country and he want to make a difference.