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Nigerian Lady, Diamond Sophia Oyemen Exposes Her Friends Who Use Sex Charms To Trap Rich Men And Wreck Them

This Nigerian Lady named Diamond Sophia Oyemen, has just taken to Facebook to call out four of her friends who use charm to trap men;..

U haven’t seen anything must I join in ur jazz business of trapping men using ur womb for rituals, u girls are not ashamed dragging me to go with u to a native doctor’s house no b by force to do jazz live ur life.

These girls are evil and devilish they are trying to tarnish my image but oluwa is on my side beware of theses girls cos they use charms on their men their men are like preys to them commanding them Goya success, Linda Edegbe Roxy Khalifer Anabel James

Abeg goya success no go use jazz kill dis boy,d jazz wey u don use too much free am make e go find better girl for himself no b girl wey dey do jazz, Na crime say d guy b dey find relationship.