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Meet Sly Ayoola Monay, The Original Inventor Of Ebuka's "Slay Agbada"

These past few days, we've been greeted with headlines of Ebuka's agbada which broke the internet. While many people have resorted to screen grabbing pictures in order to have their tailors replicate the style, other's have gone as far as to make enquiries from Ebuka's own designer, just to have this fashion piece in their wardrobes...

While Ebuka's tailor has been praised for his skill in making the piece, many arent aware that the man who invented the masterpiece is a different person entirely who hasnt been given any credit so far.

Meet Sly Ayoola Monay, the original inventor of the agbada that broke the internet.

The young man pictured above created the Deconstructed agbada (as he calls it) in his 2016 collection and it made it's debut showcase at the African Fashion Week London 2016.

I noticed everyone has praised Ebuka's tailor as the creator of the design but I think it's necessary that people know the truth about the creator/originator of the style.

Below are pictures from Sly Ayoola's 2016 collection that features the deconstructed agbada. His website also reveals that the young designer has worked with many celebrities such as Nino B, Of Ukeje, Bryan Okwara, Kunle Remi, Adesua Etomi, among others.