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Zimbabwe: Unregistered Whatsapp Group Admins And Members Risk Jail

Be careful which WhatsApp group you join if you ever go to Zimbabwe.

The Minister of Cybersecurity Threat Detection and Mitigation has issued a terse release to the people of Zimbabwe on administering and joining WhatsApp groups...

The press statement, which was signed on 10 October 2017, says:

All WhatsApp group Admins must have a level 1 certification from a Zimbabwean school dedicated to cybersecurity, Border Gezi University of Cyber Security, Threat Security and Mitigation.

Members belonging to groups where Admin is not certified have committed criminal offence
members, in addition to the group Admins, are also liable to unregistered WhatsApp groups

The changes take effect 1 November 2017

Interesting that Zimbabwe has a ministry dedicated to cyber security.