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Update On The Kogi Tax Collector Who Killed A Truck Driver (Photos)

In addition to the earlier thread on Frontpage about a tax collector who killed a driver.

Government should stop using touts to do some jobs for them.

The tax collector actually demanded N2000 from the driver but the driver said what he had was N1000 because the truck broke down earlier and he didn't have any extra money on him.

An argument ensured and then the tax collector used a plank with nails (which they put under tyre of a vehicle from stopping from moving) and hit the man on the neck. The man died from that.

What angered the people there was the motor boy there held the suspect but the police man with the tax collector there aided the man to escape.

The other truck drivers blocked the road, dismantled the check point and used it as bonfire to block the road for commuters. They said they want to see the killer before they open the road.

Since the killer wasn't coming forth they said PMB must come there to settle them. They later changed the demand to governor must come and also demanded N50 million compensation.

We thought it was joke, they kept us there until the deputy governor came and settled them.

I saw them pursuing a plain clothed police officer who came with a gun. They almost burnt army hilux.

They were also beating anyone taking pictures of the body. But as a sharp man, hitting the volume button on the Tecno Camon CX will take a sharp shot that's how I got pic of the body covered with mat. Get yourself one or wait for the next phantom. (don't worry I respect the dead so won't show pictures of the dead man  cry)

Yellow truck is the truck the man was driving.

However, the road has been opened and it's clear now.