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    Sunday, October 08, 2017

    See Three (3) Methods On How To Locally Cure Apollo (conjunctivitis) In Nigeria.

    Apollo could be caused by bacteria or viruses, irritation or a reaction by your immune system. Don't you forget too that it is a communicable disease.

    How can it be cured?
    To cure apollo, we must decipher its cause first. Here are how to treat it by which ever cause:
    1. Apollo caused be bacteria or viruses. It can be treated by antibiotics, for example, eye-drops, pills etc. Avoid rubbing the eye. 
    Dosage: Three times a day for a week.
    If you also were glasses, make sure it ls not shared; it is a personal belonging. If it was, I'll advise you replace it.

    2. Irritation. Irritation is another notable cause. Maybe, something accidentally popped into the eyes. Wash with plenty of water. I mean, plenty, then contact your eye-doctor.
    3. A reaction by your immune system. If it was caused by something you are allergic to, try much as possible to steer clear of such. Use eye-drops as treatment. Still, see your doctor.

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