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"My Chest Started Growing At 7" * - Pretty & Busty Nigerian Lady, Gloria E Okhani (Photos)

She wrote:

"Yes i was 10yrs here.. the girl on purple..It wasnt my fault..my hormones were growing super fast... i use 2 think it was a curse... i hated my body... i swear 2 God; i use 2 cry my eyes out...

becuz people judged me by my appearance... Naija mentality..tho i dont blame dem .. started growin tits at 7... wen my friends were running around with just pant.. i wuld be locked in... so dont bring any1 down no matter what... u dont knw how long it took dem 2 build dat boldness and self esteem... u dont knw what they pass thru behind close doors... so my dear... i will rock my body and be happy... ... nobody should tell u poo.. be u and be happy.. big small tiny.. doesnt matter...na how u carry yourself."