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"My Advice To Those Still Into MMM" - A Nairalander Who Lost N2.5m *

My Advice to those still into MMM.

Before i begin,i wish to let you know that am never bittered about MMM but just to offer a piece of advice to those still into it.

I remeber last year or so when MMM came out..i read about the Ideology of Mavrodi[Free finacial break-through].i was happy cos i hated banks who can keep your 1 million naira but at the end of 6 months gives you a pe-nut...i rolled in with my 1.5million..One million was mine and 500k borrowed from a Friend..People i told were against it,some blamed me why i took such risk.Before saying jack-robbinson,i began testing the fruit of MMM..

The fruit was so delicious and i moved about like wild fire,telling people about mmm..Preaching about it day and nite..The only place i never Preached about MMM was at burial ceremony and a church but some how i managed to say it or let people know about it...Things were going on fine till November 2016...By then i have PHed 2.5million with the hope to GH larger money and do one of the Fablous Xmas ever... 

When i heard about what happened[Mavro was seized],i never ate that day...i cried bitterely but Guiders talked and talked that soon things willl be fine..i picked up myself,continued again in January 2017 with hope to GH some part of my money...

Did i say anything about those under me..Hell was let loose...my life was at Risk..Many friends were at war with me..i explained and explained till i got tired..i moved on hoping to see how things will go.
I managed to borrow 500k cos u get 20% of your 2016 mavro...
On June/july,the worst happened...MMM refused to pay many of us again..This time,there were no reason..

The mavro was moved from 30% to 100%.
I was mad!!!!!!!!!!!!
Having Lost 2.5million in 2016 which has grown to almost 3.5 million plus 500k,it was then i came to realised MMM has scamed many of us.
To those still into MMM,my post is never to discourage you but to alert u that MMM is at the finaly state..PH little amout of money.

Never do the following:
1.Borrow money to use in MMM
2.Ph larger amount of money
3.Follow your instincts .
Dont be deceived with: SPARE MONEY.There is nothing like spare money...
Till today no news about June/july Mavro..Even the 100% people are singing and smilling as if nothing happened in June..The so called MR Andrew as i heard kept on getting Angry and Angry during meeting of guiders....

Just be carefull!!!!!