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MMM Has Crashed Again: The Secret Behind The Ponzi [exposed]

Just few hours ago, Top Guider Andrew Marc just confessed that there was no more PH in the system. 25th October 2017

This Marks the third time MMM has crashed in Nigeria. First was in December 2016, the second in August and now in October.

Nothing seemed right when MMM came up with the plan to inflate the interest from 30% to 100%. It was a well thought plan to exploit Nigerians with a final blow.

Tricks employed.
1) Inflation of interest from 30% to 100%. To create more temptation for the greedy. People from far and wide came running, with the intent of hitting big and running before any sign of crash evolved. But MMM knew better
2) They began matching people with small amount to pH and GH
3)People with big PH, weren't allowed to provide help, their money kept growing to more than twice the amount they pledged.
4)When the time was right, eventually they were matched to make payment so that they can cash out their huge sums. (Little did they know)
5)As expected they all trooped to make payment
6)But before they could begin cashing out their fortunes. The game was over.

How does one Guider have over 100k downlines? Through publicity? Nah
On visiting the default page of MMM. There's a a section where the person with the Intent of registering has to fill the name of who invited him/her. But it is never blank. By default it is "Invite@MMM-nigeria.net" Through this they feed on millions of referral bonuses, without investing a single kobo

This email belongs to one of the super guiders know as Ernest.
Below are the pictures of all the evidence you'll need