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Man Comes Out Alive From Crushed Bus After Container Destroyed 9 Vehicles. * Photo

A young man is filled with appreciation to God after his younger brother survived a fatal accident which claimed two lives and destroyed nine vehicles along Owerri-Onitsha Road on Monday, October 16th.

According to Ekene Gabriel, his brother who was the driver of one of the most affected vehicle (as seen in the picture) - came out with only a minor injury after the container truck failed brake and destroyed the vehicles.

Ekene Gabriel shared his excitement on Facebook with the words below;

My people did you know that the fatal accident where 40Ft container failed break and destroyed 9vehicles along Owerri-Onitsha Road(Ugwu Njaba) on Monday morning being 16th October:
1. The most affected vehicle, two women died instantly.
2. The driver of the most affected vehicle by God's grace survived with minor injury.
3. And the said survived driver happened to be my immediate younger brother(The same Mama and Papa)
Please you guys should help me thank the Almighty Jehovah.