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    Friday, September 22, 2017

    Full Review Of Youtube Go

    Youtube Go is a skinny version of youtube specially designed to deliver people like you and I from the spirit of 'jump-and-pass' whenever youtube vidoes appear.

    After over a thousand hours of thorough research and collecting data that exposed the challenges faced by media lovers in data constrained climes like Nigeria, Youtube go was born.

    In the words of Johanna Wright - VP Prodcut Management Google

    "Youtube Go has been designed to take into account the challenges faced by youtube users in countries like Nigeria, such as data cost and connectivity. With youtube Go, we are making it possible for everyone in Nigeria to be able to discover videos that they love, regardless of their network status and data consumption" 

    My love for youtube has subjected me to daily nom-stop usage of Night plan for several months ( because we all know using normal data is suicide} . The continous sleep deprivation is starting to take its toll. And I am afraid if I continue like this, wrinkles will colonise my face and leave no space for pimples. You can count how many gig I've used from the wrinkles on my face. I stopped when the stress wasn't worth it anymore, so when I heard Youtube Go has been released, I didnt waste time to download it from playstore. This is my review after usage so far.

    INTERFACE/DESIGN: Still looks like regular youtube. Major difference: Youtube Go written at the top, absence of profile icon, has only two horizontal tabs-- Home & Downloads-- you can swipe left and right to. Search and setting icons at top right just like regular youtube.


    Your Information: Shows your email address and phone number. You can verify your phone number from here(a short code will be sent via sms). Has option to edit.

    Update App: You can update the app from the app, no need to trek all the way to playstore.

    Video Storage: Shows the ratio of used space to un-used space. So instead of opening file manager, you can from within the app quickly calculate how many worship songs you'll need to delete to create space for that hot twerk video. 

    Delete Search History: All videos you've ever searched will be wiped if you click this. So be calm and rest assured that your friends will never find out how a grown ass man is obsessed with Zeeeworld.

    Watch History: All the videos you've ever watched are stored here. This feature was designed to help you become sober(hopefully) and shed uncontrollabe tears the moment you start counting how many boborisky vidoes you've watched.

    Allow Nearby Vidoe Sharing(TRIAL): As tempting as feature looked, I didnt have the stomach to try it out. All I kept seeing was, "Press Ok to launch this nuclear missile". Will this feature recommened vidoes people nearby are watching? Will it share your vidoes with near-by people....nearby people like your pastor,and father? I am not ready to find out for now.

    Enable Stat For Nerds: Like the heading says, this one is for nerds. It shows all the metadata of- wait, you're probably a slayqueen/slayking so you dont even know what metadata means and you're not interested because... will it increase your instagram followers? Can it even add your precious snapchat ugwu leaf filter to your head? 

    Background Data Must Not Be Restricted: You must disable background data restriction else it wont work. This was the hardest part for me because my background data has been set to permanent restriction for over two years.

    Cannot Download Some Videos: Due to copyright issues, you cannot download videos from most big accounts. You can only watch. Music lovers won't like this - all vidoes on VeVo are protected. There are other alternatives though.

    No subscribe Option: You cannot subcribe to channels as of yet. Maybe cutting out this feature was part of their goal to keep the app as skinny as possible to save user's data. Maybe 

    Offline Mode Not So Offline: I dont know if this is a con or pro: downloaded videos are saved inside the app(not on your device) but will still use your device memory like normal videos. You will be able to watch the videos anytime though, as far you connect to the internet once a month. This means, technically, your videos exist... only in the app. Bad news for those who'll like to use their porn collection as whatsapp staus and ringing tone.

    YESSS!!!It Saves Data: True to their word, this app was designed with data sufferers in mind. I was skeptical at first but after battering and abusing youtube for almost two hours, my doubts were cleared. With this app, you can REASONABLY enjoy youtube even with a decent 500mb plan and still have somthing left to stalk your ex on facebook. 

    Watch mode: You can watch/download every video in three format. Basic quality(3gp): For those who prefer sound to graphics. For example, If you dont give a Bleep about Speed Darlington's face, but how he says "Bangdadadang". Standard Quality(360p): With this format, you can count all the pimples on Boborisky's face. High Quality(720p): Highest quality. Consumes the most data, obviously.

    Very Fast: Loads videos with the hurry of a diarrhea patient trying to pull of his pants. Swift, no lag whatsover. Download speed is impressive. Also, Videos almost never buffer. Excellent stuff.

    Preview: This enables you see forwarded parts of the video even before you watch or download. If the name of the Nollywood movie is "The King must die", with this feature you can see where the king died and move on to the part 2 -"The King has died".

    Estimated Data Cost: This is hands down the best feature of youtube go. How much data to be consumed will appear right beside each of the three video formats to help you decide if Tonto Dikeh's hit singles, "Hi & Itzova" , are worth the 2mb you bought with your hard earned money and sweat. 

    Background Play: You can be listening to music while scrolling through your gallery. The multitasking ability this feature provides is endless. With this feature, ladies can gossip about their bestie on whatsapp while a sermon by David Oyedepo plays in the background. And so much more.

    Final Verdict: This app does what it claims to do: allow data conscious Nigerians enjoy the thrills of youtube without breaking the bank. If you want to stream non-stop for 2days with 3mb, I am sorry, this app is not for you.

    Youtube Go is still in beta stage( meaning a lot of improvements are on the way) and they said they will continue to collect data to observe users preferences that will help better the experience. It can only get better.

    Good to see something coming from people who know what an average Nigerian internet user faces daily, feels, and want to help. 

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    Item Reviewed: Full Review Of Youtube Go Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Olaniyan Tosin
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