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    Wednesday, July 19, 2017

    ADIEU GHWX - 10 Tactics Kyle Used To Deceive Members

    Kyle is one of the best scammers the world has known, I ve been a member of GHWX for a while and until the website disappeared last week and even as I type nw many participants believe the site will come back and pay them grin grin grin. Our mumu don do. Well I am a GHWX soldier on a good day but this handshake don pass the elbow. ..

    The last GHWX update was a complete lie from the first to the last sentence then untop of that the website was put down together with the forum without informing the participants as to when it will be up and running. 

    Well ladies and gentlemen it is all over for GHWX, d best that can happen is GHWplus or GHWpremium grin grin grin grin and dt means starting afresh with OGH1 and OGH2.

    Kindly note dt the fact dt no one kws what Kyle looks like whether male or female is a big red flag? Kyle has no identity and may be one school drop out hmmm his English n intelligence is super sha super scammer. Kyle na to swear for u remain angry

    Now how did Kyle earn so much trust and decieved alot of participants.

    1. Regular updates - he gives regular updates where he sweet talks members into agreeing with him.

    2. Forum - he created a forum for members to discuss to give the impression he is for real.

    3. Kyle decides major issues via a vote on the forum, u remember the days of SSM vs SM. Dts democracy in Ponzi Government lol

    4. System activities - this is the most powerful weapon esp in the dying days esp as it bothers on PHing. You will see fake 2m n 1m PHs almost every 30minutes on system activities giving d impression that ppl are still PHing big yet ppl ve nt been matched to GH in over 2 weeks. Na Kyle boys dey behind those fake millions

    5. Prompt replying of emails from support with several reps engaged to do this

    6. Promise that no one will lose money on GHWX even with several unpaid OGH1 n nw OGH 2

    7. Promise of no downtime, well this one is just good on paper

    8. Kyle registered GHWX website until 2022 and dt website costs over $200000 to put together

    9. The use of IT terms to deceive members like glitch, slow coding, wanna cry virus while hiding the real issue which is incompetent IT department of GHWX. The IT depart incompetence created serious imbalance between PH and GH when they failed to match 10% for over 2 weeks n this was what crashed GHWX today.

    10. Giving the impression that GHWX was a global Ponzi when we kw its a Nigerian thing 100%. They will be forming using the word "African Region" to give the impression of a global Ponzi lol Kyle don't let me swear for you oooo angry angry angry

    These are the few I can remember, you can add urs. This is from a hardcore member dt will lose some good money to all these Kyle nonsense.

    GHWX crash was caused by incompetent GHWX IT department they implemented a wrong code dt caused 10% not to be matched in 2 weeks creating serious imbalance between PH and GH. Kyle knew he can't salvage d situation hence he quickly cashed out n abandoned members to their fate. 

    Another cause of the crash is consistent change in policies by GHWX admin n always wanting to hear from members. 

    Hardly will Kyle run a policy for a month without changing it, d idiot wanted to pay full GH from 10% n it backfired and crashed GHWX nothing like wanna cry virus.

    GHWX can only come back as GHWplus or GHWpremium where ppl can start afresh with OGH1 n OGH2. 

    Adieu GHWX gone sooo soon 

    Ponzi only pays the owners like kyle

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