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    Saturday, May 13, 2017

    The crooks, the youth and the conspiracy by Ayodeji IBILEYE

    I pledge to Nigeria my country, To be faithful loyal and honest To serve Nigeria with all my strength To……………………… This always comes to my mind each time I am on political outing and I believe this should also occur to every forward looking youth. ..

    As youth, we pay our dues by getting our hands on many jobs, some of us are good at our learnt trades, some are artisans and some are well-taught graduates with beautiful grades. 

    We have plans of becoming somebody in life but we never got the enablement from the environment we find ourselves. Why? I begin to find an undebatable answer to this question and you will be worried about my findings. It is CONSPIRACY, yes Conspiracy of the highest domineering order. 

    Pleased to tell you that the Crooks we follow as leaders (*Crook here means someone that knows the right thing but will do otherwise to maintain his/her status) keep doing things that will better their lots and not ours.

     "For all were created to discern the good and the bad- ref: Holy book", it is a justification of my long time hypothesis that it is act of wickedness and conspiracy that has made us been so devalued that we fail to understand our fundamental human rights. We take our rights for privileges, we dance to the rhythm of their music and run at their ticks. 

    We failed to realize that had it been our money was used the way it's supposed to be used, we wouldn't have become "cattle in the hand of their Fulanis" (as we are goaded anyhow). 

    The Conspiracy: 
    Provision of basic amenities will increase the economy of the nation and in turn favors the growing businesses of the startups, the Crooks understand this but it will tell on their career as a "parasite" if we are left to be comfortable; that means they will not have anything to put in their manifestos during campaigns; that means we will not vote for them because we can feed ourselves, these they have successfully averted by depriving us of the necessities for a comfortable living.  We watch them award same contracts several times at the end doing nix.

     After fulfilling their evil assignment by making sure none of us could boost of spare #100 in our back pockets after a day's meal, they come during election to feed us with our money they have hoarded so as to buy our votes and impoverish us some more. 

    It is pitiful that hitherto, Nigerian youths have been gang raped several times and yet we still don't feel the pain, should I say we have mastered suffering? Or is our way of life? Lemme tell you, they are grooming your mates that will take over from them and then, when they are grown up, your mates will keep buying your nasty and foolish brain.

     O God of creation, Direct our noble course, Guide our leaders right **Force them to do the right things* Help our youth the truth to know, Hmm! We must neutralize this conspiracy by understanding our values. Our right is not a privilege, ergo, it is not negotiable.

    By Ayodeji Ajibola IBILEYE, HSRO

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