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    Sunday, May 14, 2017

    Our problem is 'Governmental Conspiracy' by Ayodeji IBILEYE


    Nigeria is a country so blessed with intellectuals that we have started shedding brains to other countries, within the last few years Nigerian scholars abroad have bagged nothing less than a provincial award on innovations, which might not be possible if they have relegated themselves to the domestic situation of Nigeria.

    I vowed not to join the multitude to complain about our government not providing us with enabling environment but I will tell us categorically that our leaders are the root cause of our inability to make an independent nation.

     We celebrate vagabonds, thieves that have stolen in billions, rogues with international honours but not innovative academic researches. If that is not the case, by now Nigeria should not be crying wolf on the issue of “polionated” and epileptic hydroelectric power supply.

     How well has Nigeria government gone in diversifying our electricity? Believing the fact that epileptic power supply has been the factor that birth the exodus of multinational corporations in this country, which made the rate of unemployment enjoy a geometric growth, yet we still cry foul and head on a course that did not pay our forefathers (blame game). Are we not old enough to reason aright?

    Are there no researchers in this nation any longer? What are those Professor Atioro and Emeritus Kaare doing with the resolves in their outnumbered researches? Are Nigerian researches reduced to shelves alone?

     Many able Professors, Academic doctors and even Masters students have designed and recommended so many ways by which Nigeria could reduce dependency on hydroelectricity but it seems our government loves and enjoys crying foul. I beg free me from the cheap mess. 
    Bioenergy is never a new innovation but seems to be itching our government’s ears, this and other things make me believe that the epileptic power supply in Nigeria is intentional.

     The people at the helm of power know that if there is light, things will go on smoothly and it will affect their businesses, is it not one of them the import JMG, MIKANO etc? Renewable energy sources has been on the look out as an alternative for fossil fuels and hydroelectricity even before my birth and hitherto, it is not done on the government to venture into such because it will affect some of their stalwart’s businesses.

    When will Nigerians understand this conspiracy? The Minister for Power and Energy would come out to tell us “evil spirits are responsible for our epileptic power supply” (I think that should be the mermaid abi?). Shior! Let’s come together to form a movement for the real Nigeria we want and not this one where the powerful ones use the poor as the rungs of ladder.

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