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    Sunday, May 14, 2017

    Beyond good governance, our values must be understood by Ayodeji IBILEYE

            "We are humans with diverse orientations"………this always remains my logical conclusion whenever I read people whose ideas and philosophy are relatively contrary to the principles of humanity and rationalism...

    I begin to wonder how in this present situation Nigeria finds itself, some youths are still chanting hosanna for a politician that is known to have pin them in their current impoverished state.

              My summary reads, "the politicians are not only stealing our money but also our brains, if not, how will a man spend you your money and still expect you to praise him for the 99% he has stolen from you?".

     The message for and to the youth is "our priority is not good governance but understanding our values" If we truly know our values as the strength of the nation, neither our rights nor our minds would be offered at any price.

     Even at the dispensation of good governance, if the values are not understood, the effect will never be felt. What is good governance and how does lost values mess up its effects? Good governance can not be fully defined by any word because it transcends accountability, transparency and openness in government, it ranges from understanding the terrain of government to understanding the needs of the people. 

    Governance is said to be good when it affects the masses positively even to the dumbest of the citizens. This process no matter how well may be messed up by citizens' ignorance of their values.

              Meanwhile, citizens' values encompass their beliefs, philosophies, ideologies and attitudes. These are the determining factors to how they see things, the way they address things and the way they react to issues.

     Funny enough, our youths have neglected their values and misunderstood their right for privileges. So many of the people we regards as the strength of the nation are watched-offs, following how they react to national issues and domestic issues. It is either we are lost in thought or lost our values or maybe lost our senses of positive perception as we have resorted to chanting praises and hosanna on the people we are being paid to manage our affairs. 

    This lost of values has made us forfeited our rights as the administrators of our affairs who should be engaged in good governance have taken our advantage and render us whatever they like. We are now used as tools in accomplishing their selfish goals to our own detriment. 

    We afford them the opportunity to further inflict us and bleed us to death.

             Although well understood human values empower people, they cannot be respected and protected in a sustainable manner without good governance. In addition to relevant laws, political, managerial and administrative processes and institutions are needed to respond to the rights and needs of populations.

     But lack of knowledge of our values has landed us to summarize that there is no single model for good governance. Well understood human values strengthen good governance frameworks. 

    They require: going beyond the ratification of human rights treaties, integrating human rights effectively in legislation and State policy and practice; establishing the promotion of justice as the aim of the rule of law; understanding that the credibility of democracy depends on the effectiveness of its response to people's political, social and economic demands; promoting checks and balances between formal and informal institutions of governance; effecting necessary social changes, particularly regarding gender equality and cultural diversity; generating political will and public participation and awareness; and responding to key challenges for human rights and good governance, such as corruption and violent conflict.
                Moreover, unless we understand our values, the effect of good governance will not be felt that is if there is.

    By Ayodeji Ajibola IBILEYE, HSRO 

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