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10 Serious Problems Girls With Big B00bs Face

There are some struggles, only girls with big breas'ts understand. Some people dream about getting bigger brea'sts. But we should say that big b00bs are not always a good thing.

1. You should wear two bras when exercising. No matter how sporty and supportive they claim to be. They are never enough. Running turns into hell. No matter how many bras you wear.

2. Shirts with buttons never fit correctly. No matter what size you buy, they are gapping at your chest. And this is not an effect you wanted to achieve. And if a shirt fits you across your chest – it is big everywhere else.

3. Buying a swimming suit is a real challenge. Very often you have to get bigger size of the top.

4. Usually bras comes in boring colors: black white and Unclad. It is hard to find a large size cup of cute bright color. And strapless bras are a taboo.

5. Putting a bra in the morning is like an exercise. And the time when you can take it off is the happiest moment of the day.

6. Your cute pendants and necklaces can get lost in your cleavage.

7. It is hard and uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach.

8. Even basic outfits can look too extravagant and s exy on you. For example Nollywood Actress, Yvonne Jegede, says she should not be blamed if her clothes are not big enough to cover her very big bo obs.

9. Many people think that it is OK to ask your bra size. And it is not.

10. And the last, but not the least – your friends don`t understand your complaints. Simply because they see no problems in having a large chest