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    Thursday, March 06, 2014

    How to Do a Powerful Coin Vanish Magic Trick

    This crazily powerful coin vanish effect  uses several 'sleight-of-hand' methods:

    The French Drop

    The Classic Palm

    The Wrist Subtlety

    If you haven't learned these yet, you should definately do so before you have a go at learning this trick.

    You can learn them all free here: Fundamental Coin Magic Techniques

    Cool. Now let's learn this powerful effect. Don't forget that you are going to have to practice this a lot until you are confident to show it to folks. But it will repay your time and effort as, performed well it is a total mind-blower!

    Step 1: Step 1 High Impact Coin Vanish

    The magician holds up a coin, openly displaying it between fingers and thumb.

    Step 2: Step 2 High Impact Coin Vanish

    The empty hand comes across, taking the coin between fingers and thumb.

    Step 3: Step 3 High Impact Coin Vanish

    The magician takes the coin away. The coin is now in the other hand and the original hand is clearly empty.

    Step 4: Step 4 High Impact Coin Vanish

    Now, the magician turns the hand over and begins to rub the fingers together, slowly opening the hand to reveal...the coin has disappeared!

    Step 5: Step Five High Impact Coin Vanish

    Now the magician proceeds to swipe both hands, demonstrating that they are truly empty. First one...

    Step 6: Step 6 High Impact Coin Vanish

    ...and now the other one.

    Step 7: Step 7 High Impact Coin Vanish

    Now the magician turns his hands over so the audience can clearly see them from the back...

    Step 8: Step 8 High Impact Coin Vanish

    ...and also from the front. The coin really has vanished away!

    This is one of the most powerful coin vanishes you'll ever do and expertly performed will even fool other magicians! And one of the best thngs about it is that you don't need any secret equipment or to buy any devices (known as 'gimmicks') from the magic store. Really, all you need is a coin - and you can even borrow it from the audience!

    Keep on to the next steps to see how the effect is actually achieved.

    Step 9: Step 9 High Impact Coin Vanish

    Whilst it appears to the audience that the coin has disappeard in one hand, really it is  'classic palmed' in the other. It was never truly taken in the first place. The magician mimes the action of taking it and actually it falls backwards onto the fingers from where it is loaded into the classic palm position.

    Step 10: Step 10 High Impact Coin Vanish

    Now as the magician wipes one apparently empty hand with the other, the coin is still held secretly in the palm.

    Step 11: Step 11 High Impact Coin Vanish

    Now comes the truly ingenious part of the effect: As the empty hand swipes the hand with the coin in it, the coin is pushed back by the thumb (which hides it from view) and onto the magician's wrist. This way when the hands are held open and downwards it is invisible to the spectators. The precise location of the coin is very important to achieve the final, surprising 'convincer' move, as you will see in the final two steps...

    Step 12: Step 12 High Impact Coin Vanish

    With the coin concealed here, the magician can show the empty hands from the front and then...

    Step 13: Step 13 High Impact Coin Vanish

    ...even from the back!  Now, to hold the coin in this position takes quite a bit of practice and its location on the wrist has to be just right.

    But it makes for a very powerful illusion. Who could ever guess that a coin could be hidden in this way?

    The key to success with this effect is to practice each sleight very carefully until you have it mastered before putting them together to create this illusion. Then practice again until you can run them all together smoothly and naturally.

    You can learn all the sleights in detail at The Magic Tricks Homepage.

    All the best with your magic!

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