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    Friday, December 27, 2013

    The Worst Governors Of 2013

    Despite the accolades the activities of most Nigerian governors remain a hype, the work of aggressive Public Relation stunt. A close look at the work of these shrewd shaddy politicians always reveal much more than meets the eyes. Behind the curtain is systematic looting and money laundering activities going on and everyone is involved. Despite the shameless corruption some of these governors have done relatively well or have been percieved to have done well. Today we are discussing those who haven't done much or upto expectation, those who don't even know why they are governor. We are looking at the first ten starting from 10 to number 1.

    (10) Delta State Governor: Despite the huge revenue allocated to Delta State, Governor Oduaghan hasn't been able to bring remarkable change to Delta State. When we hear what people like Governor Rotimi Ameachi have been able to achieve in Rivers State, his Delta State counterpart is not known for any serious infrastructural development. Oduaghan became governor like most governor. He was the cousin of the previous governor, James Ibori, who is now languishing in a London prison after he was found guilty of money laundery. Oduaghan's government is characterised by surrounding himself with friends and family members and making them rich to the detriment of the state. He has spent almost eight years as Delta State governor and we haven't seen anything remarkable yet.

    (9) TA Orji of Abia State is the worst governor in Igbo land for 2013. In Nigeria he came as number 9. The people haven't seen anything like dividend of democracy and many Abia indegenous people have personally called to say he is the worst governor in Nigeria. NEW-ISSUES categorise him as number 9. His people expect much from him but in the end governance to some of these men in government is about personal business and wealth accumulation for themselves and their friends.

    (8) Kebbi State Governor Dakingari is number 8 on the list. After talking to many people in Kebbi State, they seem to all agree that the man hasn't done much. The good thing is that the man doesn't talk too much.

    (7) FCT Minister Bala Muhammad, is the number 7th on the list of the worst governor in 2013. Forget the title FCT Minister, we consider the 37th Governor of Nigeria. Bala Muhammad is going on record as the worst FCT Minister in the history of the FCT Administration in Nigeria.
    The FCT Minister is just doing anything but as those who know him say, accumulating wealth for his campaign for the 2015 Bauchi State Governor election. His posters and billboards are already all over the Bauchi State capital. He has been accused of land racketeering. The FCT administration is shamelessly corrupt and nobody cares. Bala Muhammad efforts at reforms in the transport area is the worst and ludicrous. It is obvious that all the FCT Minister cares about is generating revenue to the detriment of the people. Under his nose the FCT will demolish then later collaboarate with the natives to sell these plots again. The man simply lacks idea and Nigerians wonder why he hasn't been replaced. We heard it is because he is a very good friend to Patience Jonathan, the First Lady.

    (6) Lamaran Yero of Kaduna state. After Yakowa died his assistant became the governor of Kaduna State. Governor Yero has not been able to do anything since then. As a young man people expect dynamic leadership in a conflict State. Governor Yero hasn't shown that he is a promising leader.

    (5) Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State is number 5 worst governor on our list. Being an old man one would think the man would do something spectacular to leave a legacy for his people. Nyako did nothing. He has been busy throughout this year fighting the president. That is more important to him than his people.

    (4) Gabriel Suswan of Benue State and Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State. These people have made it to number 4 of the worst governors in Nigeria. Suswan has not been able to pay salaries, even to primary school teachers. In the area of development, not much is on ground. Benue is still one of the poorest states in Nigeria in terms of infrastructures. Since 1999 Benue State has been lucky with governor and Gabriel Suswan is the worst of them all.
    Isa Yuguda was once quoted as saying former governor Muazu has done everything, so there is no need to do anything. Muazu was overwhelmingly voted in the first term despite leaving the PDP to join the ANPP. He would have lost if not for the rioting in 2011 but after the CPC rioting he won. Isa Yuguda hasn't done much and if in 2015 the PDP lost to APC it wouldn't be because of Goodluck Jonathan hate in the North

    The worst three governors in the Nigeria is coming soon.

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